Lauren and Gaylene

Lauren is one of our Noosa dental assistants. Despite her youth, she has many years experience in the industry and at one stage she and Cam worked together in general dental practice. Despite that, she accepted the offer to torment her soul once again and assist Cam and Glenn in their orthodontic adventures.

Gaylene has been at Junction Orthodontics since its inception and has more years in the dental field than she cares to admit. Gaylene job shares with Catherine so it is one of these ladies that you first encounter when you phone or come in to see us at the Noosa office. In essence, Gaylene is the practice manager and makes certain things get done.

Rachel and Catherine

Rachel is another who has been with us a short time and job shares with Rosie at Nambour although we occasionally drag her to Noosa-the sort of Miss Fixit when we are in a staffing bind. Rachel comes from a wealth of dental experience having receptioned and chairsided in both government and the private sector.

Catherine has been with us only a short time and covers the front desk at Noosa with Gaylene. She is a quick learning and conscientious worker and has fit into the dynamics that are the front line of the practice


Marsha is another of the Noosa assistants. Marsha is the mum of a couple of kids we treat and when a vacancy became available, she took on the job. To her credit and with a background of dental assisting in the UK , she was thrown in the deep end but has risen to the challenge with a tremendous work ethic.


Del and Rose

Del is the chief and only assistant that we have at Nambour.  She has wide experience in the dental world and after moving to the coast from NZ ten years ago, has no plans to leave our sunny climes. Del is mum to 3 grown children.

Rose has no dental experience, but brings many years of administration and IT experience to her role as receptionist at Nambour. She has recently moved to the coast from Brisbane and is mum to 1 young child.