Invisalign was introduced to Australia 15 years ago. Since then it has evolved from treating  only simple cases  to now where we can manage very complex orthodontic problems. Invisalign is a series of  computer designed and manufactured clear aligners (think of a mouthguard but less than 1 mm thick) which move the teeth in small increments until the desired result is obtained.

Being removable has several bonuses including the improved ease of teeth cleaning, they can be removed for social or work occasions and there is far less chance of appliance damage and extra visits to the orthodontist. Possibly the greatest benefits are that they are just about invisible, have minimal impact on speech and  you are not restricted with your diet to the degree that would be required with braces.

The evolution of Invisalign into the appliance it is today is in no small part to Invisalign’s dedication to continued research and development but also to the experience that we have gained by being Invisalign providers for the past 15 years.
Today there are very few cases that can not be successfully treated with Invisalign and there are also certain cases that work better with Invisalign.

We now have a non-brace option for most age groups so if you are “daring to be bare” then read on.