Invisalign provides an aesthetic alternative to braces and today there are not many cases that cannot be successfully treated with Invisalign. Invisalign Teen is very similar to that which is offered to adults but allows flexibility where teeth and jaws are still developing.

Treatment begins with models or scans of your teeth. These, along with photos and X-rays are sent to Invisalign in the USA where “virtual” models of your teeth are prepared. According to our prescription, these models are disassembled and reassembled with the teeth in the positions we have requested. All Invisalign providers have a privileged secure site to view the treatment proposal and very sophisticated software to make adjustments before the appliances are manufactured.

The turn around time from impression gathering to appliance fitting is usually 2-4 weeks. The number of appliances depends on the size of the problem so we will give you an approximate time–in-treatment estimate before we commence. Typical treatments can run from 6 months for a simple case to 2 years or beyond for very complex cases. Reviewing our cases suggests 15 months is a good average.

Once fitted, you will need to wear the appliance full time-22 hours per day is the rule. Anything less will compromise the outcome so dedicated wear is essential. All orthodontists would agree that compliance can be challenging with our teen patients so it is essential to make the commitment to wear the appliances well and to stick to it. Poor compliance will inevitably result in a poor result or conversion to braces-the former is unacceptable to us and your parents, the latter is costly to your parents!