We offer free exams for all ages. The rationale for this is a few fold.  Some years ago, Invisalign encouraged larger orthodontic practices to offer free Invisalign consultations as a marketing ploy. It seemed to be double standards to charge some and not others so we decided that we would offer this service to all free of charge. The reality is that we hadn’t charged in the past for patients proceeding with treatment so the change to free consultations to all was a minor one.

There are benefits that flow on from this, the main one being there is no financial obstacle to seeking an orthodontic opinion. As a result, we get to see patients early whereas they traditionally waited until the age of 12 or 13. Consequently, we get the opportunity to deal with developing problems in a more timely fashion and where treatment is more tailored to the problem.

Who do you see?

Your consultation will be with Glenn. We do not use auxiliary staff to consult with patients as it is our belief that you can only get all the details by discussing the intricacies of treatment with the orthodontist.


If a patient has come with a referral from their dentist or nominates a dentist of their choosing, we will provide a report outlining our findings and any recommended treatment. It is important to keep your family dentist in the loop regarding orthodontic treatment and we expect that you will continue to attend your dentist for your routine checkups throughout the course of your orthodontic treatment.