Let’s face it, orthodontics isn’t cheap but most of you recognise that dentistry isn’t cheap, doctors aren’t cheap, the optometrist isn’t cheap and so on.

The reality is that it is expensive to run small businesses in the medico-dental fields. Typically three quarters of the fee you pay for these services is consumed in overheads. Yes, you can go to Thailand and get it cheaper (not orthodontics fortunately) because the wages are lower, the equipment costs less and the standards of care are less rigorous that that allowed in Australia.

Orthodontic fees vary from practice to practice and will also vary depending on the type, length and complexity of the treatment.

Within our practice, braces are usually $6900, a bit more for adults because they usually take longer to treat; and Invisalign costs an additional $1000. The reality is that these are our fees for the standard complex cases that we encounter routinely. Fees can be half of the above which reflects that we have lower fees for less complex cases. And of course, the fee can be anywhere in between. There are practices that charge more, some less. We keep our finger on the pulse of local, state and national fees to remain middle ground.

What do you get for you money?

The fee is quoted at consultation. The fee covers all aspects of that phase of treatment so if we take braces as an example, the fee covers the consultation, any preliminary records that we gather in the practice (typically photos and models if necessary), fitting the braces, adjustments for the duration of the treatment, fitting of retainers and supervision of the retainers for 1-2 years.

There are no hidden fees, we don’t charge extra for clear braces (try finding someone else that does that), we normally do not charge for treatments going overtime even though it is usually a compliance issue (we do reserve the right for major cooperation problems) but we will charge for lost and broken retainers.

Payment and Options

Fees are usually paid in installments (payment plans) and this will be discussed if you are ready to commence treatment. We offer a discount for complete payment up front. Most forms of payment are accepted.

Do not hesitate to discuss what your budget allows. We do offer flexibility in payment terms.