Braces - bits and pieces

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If you have troubles with your braces it may help to know what we call the various parts. There is a lot more that we attach to teeth than that outlined below but the following covers the basic bits and pieces. If you do experience any problems during treatment you should phone us and let us know what is wrong. Often we can sort things out over the phone and avoid an extra trip to see us but it helps if you describe the problem accurately.
Braces are a collection of brackets which are stuck onto the teeth, archwires that align and guide the teeth during movement and some form of attachment to hold the wire to the bracket. Before the advent of enamel bonding, brackets were attached to the teeth via stainless steel rings called bands. Bonded brackets - those directly cemented to the enamel surface - gradually became popular from the late 1970's and today are used on all teeth. Occasionally a band will be used where greater strength is required.

Ceramic braces became available in the mid 1980's and ligature free braces have gained popularity over the past decade.