Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Invisalign uses advanced technology to design and manufacture a series of clear, thin aligners (plastic trays) that you change every one to two weeks. Each customized aligner gradually and gently moves your teeth to straighten them and correct your bite, without the need for braces.

As Invisalign Platinum Elite providers, Dr Staples and Dr Steele are among the leading providers of Invisalign. With this experience, they are able to use Invisalign to successfully treat a range of orthodontic problems across age groups, from children of approximately 8 years of age through to adults.

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Included in your treatment, we will provide you with customized retainers when your braces are removed. This is important to help keep your beautiful new smile in place. In most cases, we recommend a bonded wire to the inside (tongue-side) surfaces of the front teeth, as well as a customized clear removable retainer for night-time wear.

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Treatment begins with scans of your teeth. These, along with photos and X-rays are sent to Invisalign in the USA where “virtual” models of your teeth are prepared. According to our prescription, these models are disassembled and reassembled with the teeth in the positions we have requested. All Invisalign providers have a privileged secure site to view the treatment proposal and very sophisticated software to make adjustments before the appliances are manufactured.

The turnaround time from impression gathering to appliance fitting is usually 2-4 weeks. Once fitted, you will need to wear the appliance full time-22 hours per day is the rule. Anything less will compromise the outcome, so dedicated wear is essential.

The duration of treatment will depend on the complexity of your orthodontic problem, as well as your compliance with appliance wear and instructions throughout treatment. As a guide, typical treatments can run from 6 months for a simple case, through to 2 years or beyond for complex cases. Reviewing our cases suggests that 15 months is an approximate average. We will give you a good estimate of the anticipated duration of treatment before you begin treatment.

No two orthodontic problems are the same and the cost of orthodontic treatment will depend on the severity of the problem and the treatment required. Many orthodontic problems require only relatively simple treatment and you might find that the cost is lower than you thought. Costs will be discussed in full at your initial consultation. The fee that we quote covers all aspects of your orthodontic treatment and the majority of patients pay this fee in interest-free installments over the duration of the treatment, thus making payment more manageable.

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